Community Support Program

Explore a diverse range of exciting opportunities aligned with your passions through our Community Support Programs in Melbourne.

Indulge in your favourite hobbies, participate in engaging activities, attend events, or enrol in educational courses right within your community. Experience complete access to the services you desire, tailored to make your life more exciting and fulfilling. Whether it’s joining art, singing, or dance classes, spending a day at the beach or park, enjoying a leisurely cafe lunch, or attending a movie or concert, Ability Assist collaborates with you and your carers to facilitate these experiences. Whether it’s a one-off event or a regular occurrence, we are here to make it happen.

Since our inception, promoting the active participation of individuals with disabilities in society has been a core advocacy at Ability Assist. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive community care support programs, offering a wide range of excellent opportunities for participation tailored to your interests. Our committed team is here to assist you in connecting with like-minded individuals and groups in your community, enabling you to engage in activities you love alongside passionate peers who share your enthusiasm.

With our genuinely caring support professionals by your side, you have the freedom to shape your life in ways that excite and fulfill you. Your health, safety, and well-being are our utmost priorities. Simply share your preferences with us, and we will work tirelessly to identify the safest and most convenient ways for you to participate. Whether it’s personal growth, happiness, or meaningful connections you seek, we will strive to create the ideal scenario for you.

For further information about our Community Care Support Programs or any other NDIS support services we offer in Melbourne, please feel free to contact us at (03) 9306 1770 or via email at

Embrace a life of excitement and fulfillment on your own terms, supported by our high-quality, person-centred community support services.

From our early days as a registered NDIS services provider, delivering exceptional person-centred community support services in Melbourne has been at the heart of Ability Assist’s mission. Today, we take great pride in having empowered countless individuals with disabilities to lead more exhilarating and fulfilling lives. This pursuit is not just a profession for us; it’s our passion. The knowledge that our dedicated efforts have made a positive impact on people’s lives fills our hearts with warmth and purpose.

As a dedicated disability services provider, we are wholeheartedly committed to empowering adults, adolescents, and children with disabilities to shape the life they desire. Our mission is to offer a diverse array of opportunities for community participation and social interaction, enabling individuals to exercise their freedom of choice. Through these opportunities, we foster independence, boost confidence, and instil a sense of inclusion, fairness, and consistency in their lives.

At Ability Assist, we stand as a trusted, fully registered, and compliant NDIS provider of disability services in Australia. Our Community Support Program in Melbourne meticulously adheres to the highest NDIS-specific quality and safeguards requirements, as well as all relevant Australian laws, rules, and regulations. You can rest assured that our facilities, activities, and support staff adhere to the strictest national disability standards, ensuring your complete confidence in our services.

For further details about our Community Support Program or any other NDIS support services we offer in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (03) 9306 1770 or email us at

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