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Enabling individuals and their families to thrive with tailored disability services in Melbourne so they can live fuller, happier, and more meaningful lives.

At Ability Assist, we are dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages—adults, adolescents, and children—alongside their families with Disability Services in Melbourne specifically crafted to meet their unique needs. Our goal is to empower them to live fuller, happier, and more meaningful lives.

Comprehensive Disability Services

We offer a wide range of Disability Services designed to boost confidence, encourage independence, and enhance community inclusion:

  • Independence: Our Long-term Supported Independent Living and Short-term Respite Care Accommodation provide secure, welcoming, and comfortable homes for individuals with disabilities or complex care needs. These residences, supported by the NDIS, are fully furnished, modern, and mobility-accessible, with dedicated professional disability care workers available 24/7 if required.
  • Life Skills: With our Assistance with Daily Life, we make daily living more manageable for individuals and their families. Our friendly disability care providers assist with various day-to-day tasks, offering support on an as-needed basis or through regular arrangements. Our compassionate disability careproviders offer flexible support, available either on an as-needed basis or as part of a regular arrangement. Whether it’s a brief visit or several times per week, our friendly team adapts to the unique home care needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Community Engagement: Through our Assistance with Social and Community Participation services, individuals can explore a myriad of opportunities, participating in hobbies, activities, events, and educational courses within their community. We provide complete access to the necessary disability services, allowing them to lead exciting and fulfilling lives.

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Tailored Support for Unique Needs

We understand that every individual and family have specific requirements. That’s why we tailor our Disability Services to match their desires and needs precisely. Whether it’s specialised care at home, community engagement activities, or independent living support, we customise our services to ensure they live life to the fullest.

Empowerment and Freedom of Choice

At Ability Assist, we are more than just a provider of Disability Services; we are champions of freedom and choice. We empower adults, adolescents, and children with disabilities, granting them the autonomy to make decisions that shape the life they desire.
Choose Ability Assist for comprehensive, compassionate, and customised Disability Services, allowing individuals and families to thrive in their chosen paths, achieving greater fulfillment and happiness.

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Receive compassionate support from our highly trained and dedicated disability care providers who are genuinely passionate about enhancing lives and helping individuals lead better, more fulfilling lives.

At Ability Assist, we prioritise continuous training for our team, ensuring their skills and knowledge align with the highest disability standards. You can rest assured knowing our staff meets all NDIS-specific quality and safeguards requirements and complies with all relevant Australian laws and regulations.

Our rigorous training includes strict adherence to policies and procedures, fostering an environment of utmost care and respect for all individuals we serve. With us, you’ll have a disability care provider who is not only highly skilled but also genuinely passionate and dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities or complex care needs, along with their families, live fuller, happier, and more meaningful lives.

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Quality & Trusted Disability Support Services

  • 30 Years of Support

  • For Purpose – Locally Operated

  • Child, Youth & Family Accredited

  • Registered NDIS provider

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