Assistance with Social and Community Participation

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Discover a wealth of enriching experiences tailored to your passions through our dedicated assistance with Social and Community Participation in Melbourne.

Indulge in your favourite hobbies, attend events, pursue educational courses, and more, all within your community. Our team is dedicated to providing you access to the services you need to lead a more exciting and fulfilling life. Whether it’s taking art, singing, or dance classes, enjoying a day at the beach, having lunch at a cafe, or attending a movie or concert, we can work with you and your caregivers to make it happen, be it a one-time event or an ongoing experience.

Let our compassionate and dedicated professionals assist you in finding convenient ways to add excitement and meaning to your life. Simply share your passions and interests with us, and we will identify the perfect avenues to bring your dreams to life. As long as it contributes to your personal growth and happiness, our team will find a safe and easy way for you to engage in it.

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NDIS Social and Community Participation

Providing assistance with social and community participation Melbourne trusts has been our core focus since the inception of Ability Assist as a registered NDIS services provider. Over three decades, we have empowered thousands of individuals with disabilities to lead fuller, happier, and more meaningful lives. This is our passion, and we believe that our efforts are making a significant difference in the world.

Our commitment lies in supporting adults, young people, and children with disabilities to live life on their terms. We achieve this by promoting independence and building confidence through opportunities for social interaction and participation. By doing so, we provide individuals with disabilities a sense of inclusion, fairness, and consistency in their lives.

At Ability Assist, we firmly advocate for the right of people with disabilities to be active members of society. That’s why we go the extra mile, offering in-home opportunities for participation and facilitating connections with individuals and groups in the community who share your interests. This way, you can engage in activities you love alongside others who share your passion, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

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Supporting you in your community.

Our dedicated team of support workers provide person centred assistance with daily life ndis support in your home and community.

They can tailor your social and community participation support to align with your needs and goals, providing assistance with:

  • Getting ready for the day and keeping well
  • Planning activities
  • Accessing your appointments and errands
  • Support for your carer to take a break
  • Building new skills and learning new things
  • Round-the-clock support, including overnight care (active or inactive)
  • Supported Independent Living

Why Choose Us

  • 30 Years of Support

  • For Purpose – Locally Operated

  • Child, Youth & Family Accredited

  • Registered NDIS provider

Get In Touch

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get started with Ability Assist?

    Getting started with Ability Assist is easy! Simply call our local team on 9306 1770 and a friendly member of our team will chat with you about the support you need. We’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have to ensure that you receive the care you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to get started.

    Which areas of Melbourne do you offer NDIS support services?

    Our dedicated Support Worker team are based all throughout Western, Central and Northern Melbourne. Speak with our local team on (03) 9306 1770 to find out more.

    How does your pricing work, and does it align with the NDIS Price Guide?

    We want to make sure we fully understand your needs and goals before we suggest any services. Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll make sure that the services we recommend fit within your budget and don’t come with any hidden costs. Our aim is to be transparent and make sure everything is clear and affordable for you.

    How are your staff trained, and can I choose who works with me?

    We ensure that our staff have the qualifications for the job and they receive regular trainings so as to ensure continuous improvement of our services. Unlike other platforms and providers, our NDIS and Rostering Team collaborate with you to find suitable support workers that match your choice and preferences.

    I’m representing an NDIS participant and would like to sign up, how should I contact you?

    You can fill up the form here or if you prefer to speak to us to find out more about our services, ring us at (03) 9306 1770.

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