Youth Work

Empowering Youth: Creating a Safe Haven for a Brighter Future with Ability Assist Youth Work in Melbourne

At Ability Assist, we are dedicated to providing children and adolescents with disabilities or complex care needs a secure, welcoming, and nurturing home environment coupled with comprehensive support and services. Our youth work initiatives are grounded in genuine passion, aiming to enhance the lives of these young individuals. Whether they require a conducive home environment, focused care from a dedicated youth support worker, or opportunities for community participation, we are unwavering in our commitment to their well-being.

Our Holistic Approach to Youth Support

Our youth work in Melbourne is driven by the fundamental goal of ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of every young person under our care. We offer tailored in-home and community-based support encompassing behavioural, emotional, medical, educational, nutritional, mental, and physical aspects. Collaborating with highly trained youth support staff, we connect these youths with licensed and qualified professionals, including doctors, nutritionists, counsellors, and psychologists, ensuring their diverse needs are met comprehensively.

Beyond Material Support: Fostering Comfort and Belonging

Beyond tangible necessities like room and board, food, clothing, medications, and counselling, we provide an essential emotional foundation. Our dedicated residential youth workers not only offer care and guidance but also foster a sense of comfort, safety, belonging, and hope. We want every child and adolescent to understand that beyond their families and carers, there are individuals who genuinely care for their well-being. With us, they can thrive in a happy home, surrounded by people with their best interests at heart, nurturing a future full of promise.

For more information about our youth support programs or any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. At Ability Assist, we are here to support these young individuals on their journey to a brighter, happier life.

Empowering Youth: Our Unwavering Commitment

At Ability Assist, our dedication to working with youth is not just a commitment; it’s a promise. As a trusted, registered, and compliant NDIS service provider, we uphold the highest standards of child safety and well-being. We are deeply committed to creating a child-safe and child-friendly environment where the rights of every young individual are recognised, respected, and upheld.

Safe Havens for Growth

Our pledge extends to providing safe, secure, welcoming, and nurturing home environments for the youth we serve. We adhere rigorously to Child Safe Standards, ensuring the welfare and safety of every youth under our care. Our mission is not only to protect but to empower. We champion the freedom of choice and decision-making, allowing children and adolescents with disabilities to shape their lives according to their aspirations and dreams.

Fostering Inclusion and Independence

Through our community youth work initiatives, we advocate for inclusivity, fairness, and consistency for youth with disabilities or complex care needs. Independence and confidence are pivotal to our approach. We provide meaningful opportunities for community participation and social interaction, encouraging these young individuals to explore, learn, and grow.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey.
For more information about our Youth Work programs or any other NDIS support services in Melbourne, please contact us at (03) 9306 1770 or email us at

Together, we can create a future where every youth’s potential is realised, and their dreams are boundless.

Comprehensive Support Tailored for Youth

At Ability Assist, we extend a comprehensive range of quality, person-centred NDIS-supported services crafted exclusively for children and adolescents with disabilities or complex care needs. Our services include:

  • 1. Assistance with Social and Community Participation: Engage in a variety of enriching social and community activities tailored to individual interests and goals.
  • 2. Assistance with Daily Life: Receive support with essential daily tasks, fostering independence and enhancing life skills.
  • 3. Short-term Respite Care Accommodation: Providing caregivers a temporary break while ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the youth.
  • 4. Out of Home Care: Creating a nurturing, home-like atmosphere for youth who cannot live with their families, offering security and stability.
  • 5. Supported Residential Care Services for Emergencies: Immediate and reliable support during critical situations, ensuring the well-being of every child.
  • 6. Tailored Disability Services: Customised services designed to address specific needs, empowering youth to achieve their full potential.

Your Trusted Partner in Quality Care
As a fully registered and compliant provider of NDIS services, we stand committed to the highest standards of care. Our services meticulously adhere to NDIS-specific quality and safeguards requirements, as well as all relevant Australian laws, rules, and regulations. With Ability Assist, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive exceptional, individualised support, guaranteeing the safety, happiness, and well-being of every child and adolescent under our care.

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