Positive Behaviour Support

Enhance the quality of life and relationships for individuals with a disability or complex care needs by providing compassionate positive behaviour support in Melbourne through our dedicated NDIS support workers.

At Ability Assist, we deliver high-quality, person-centred, and evidence-informed positive behaviour support in Melbourne  tailored to individuals of all ages, addressing mental, psychological, intellectual, and physical disabilities, as well as self-injurious behaviours and instances of physical and verbal aggression. Each person, whether an adult, adolescent, or child, receives dedicated assistance from a fully qualified and experienced NDIS positive behaviour support practitioner, ensuring a deeply personalised one-on-one approach.

With over 25 years of expertise in supporting people with disabilities, including autism and intellectual disabilities, we possess a profound understanding of their unique needs. Leveraging this knowledge, we have developed highly customised positive behaviour support methods and programs that have significantly improved the lives of numerous individuals, enabling them to lead fuller, happier, and more meaningful lives.

Our objective is to understand the reasons behind negative behaviours, offering comprehensive mental, physical, psychological, emotional, and educational support to minimise or eliminate these occurrences. To enhance their overall quality of life, we provide a secure, welcoming, and nurturing home environment, along with guidance in acquiring new skills and knowledge, and opportunities for positive social interactions and community engagement.

Beyond the tangible support we provide, encompassing essentials such as accommodation, meals, medications, counselling, and guidance from dedicated NDIS support workers in Melbourne, our paramount assistance lies in fostering a sense of comfort, safety, belonging, and acceptance, instilling hope and optimism. We firmly believe that these elements are fundamental in transforming behaviour, attitude, and outlook for the individuals under our care.

Embrace Positive Behavioural Support with Ability Assist: Your Supportive Partner

When you choose Ability Assist, you’re choosing a reliable, fully registered, and compliant NDIS service provider. We meticulously adhere to the strictest NDIS-specific quality and safety standards, along with all relevant Australian laws and regulations. Our team is equipped with effective positive behavioral support methods through comprehensive training. We prioritise the well-being of the individuals under our care, ensuring their safety and protecting them from any harmful situations that might cause mental or psychological stress, such as prejudice and discrimination. This approach fosters a positive atmosphere, promoting growth and well-being.

Furthermore, our dedication extends to providing secure, welcoming, and nurturing home environments tailored to individuals of all ages. With dedicated NDIS support workers available 24/7, individuals receive comprehensive assistance with various day-to-day tasks, both inside and outside the home. Our support staff also offer guidance in acquiring new life skills and provide in-home opportunities for individuals to indulge in their favourite hobbies and passions. This holistic approach enables them to lead more exciting and fulfilling lives.

At Ability Assist, we are deeply committed to empowering adults, adolescents, and children with disabilities or complex care needs. We grant them the freedom of choice and decision-making, encouraging independence and bolstering confidence by facilitating community participation and social interaction opportunities. Through these efforts, we provide individuals with disabilities and complex care needs a profound sense of inclusion, fairness, and consistency, cultivating a positive outlook and enriching their lives.

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