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Working With Ability Assist To Gain Support From NDIS: Intellectual Disability in Melbourne

Working With Ability Assist To Gain Support From NDIS: Intellectual Disability in Melbourne

How Ability Assist Can Help Individuals Gain Support From NDIS for Intellectual Disability in Melbourne

Ability Assist is a trusted, fully registered, and compliant NDIS services provider that offers a diverse range of care and support services for adults, adolescents, and children, fully funded by the NDIS for intellectual disability in Melbourne. From supported independent living to assistance with social and community participation to assistance with daily life to short-term respite care accommodations to residential services to out of home care, we help individuals with intellectual disability get the support they need from the NDIS so they can lead fuller, happier, and more meaningful lives.

How Our Intellectual Disability Specialists Provide Support

Here are at Ability Assist, we have intellectual disability specialists who can provide individuals with support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if needed. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in supporting people with disabilities, we possess a deep understanding of their unique needs. Whether it is providing communication and learning methods, training behavioural coping mechanisms, nurturing innate talents, developing essential life skills, or helping families and carers better understand the intricacies of intellectual disability, we can help individuals with a disability unlock new possibilities, overcome challenges, and embrace a future filled with opportunities.

Our Intellectual Disability Support Services

Individuals with intellectual disability or their carers can choose from our diverse range of support services tailored for adults, adolescents, and children, all funded by the NDIS. Our intellectual disability support services include –

Supported Independent Living

We provide NDIS-supported independent living environments where individuals with intellectual disability can thrive in a shared environment while receiving essential support to enhance their daily living skills.

Located in Melbourne’s outer western and northern suburbs, our modern, fully furnished three-to-four-bedroom homes are designed to cater to specific comfort and accessibility needs. Our houses feature spacious kitchens, multiple disability-equipped bathrooms, and outdoor areas, all fully wheelchair and mobility accessible.

In these unique living spaces, individuals with intellectual disability will discover an environment tailored for personal growth and community engagement. They will have the freedom to pursue their hobbies and interests, acquire new knowledge and skills, and actively participate in community events and social interactions.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

We provide NDIS-supported assistance with social and community participation in Melbourne where individuals with a disability can gain access to services they need to lead a more exciting and fulfilling lives.

With us, individuals with intellectual disability can indulge in their favourite hobbies, pursue educational courses, and more, all within the community. Whether it’s taking art, singing, or dance classes, enjoying a day at the beach, having lunch at a cafe, or attending a movie or concert, we can work with the individuals or their caregivers to make it happen, be it a one-time event or an ongoing experience.

Support NDIS participants to access employment by supporting skills development and management of everyday tasks to make the transition to work seamless.

Assistance with Daily Life

We provide NDIS-supported assistance with daily life in Melbourne where our support staff will assist individuals with intellectual disability with essential duties both inside and outside the home. These essential duties include meal preparation, cleaning, bill payments, and accessing government online services. Additionally, our support staff can handle outside errands such as grocery shopping, picking up medications, and posting mail, ensuring individuals with intellectual disability have the support they need for a stress-free daily life.

Short-term Accommodation (Respite)

We provide NDIS-supported short-term accommodation and residential respite care where individuals with intellectual disability can receive comprehensive care and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if needed.

Our short-term respite care in Melbourne offers a perfect solution that provides individuals with intellectual disability, their families, or their caregivers with a well-deserved break from the routine of daily life.

Whether it’s an overnight stay, a weekend, or for a holiday, our short-term accommodation options provide an opportunity for individuals with a disability to experience a different living situation. It’s a chance to assess if independent living suits their preferences and needs for the future.

Residential Services

We provide NDIS-supported residential services that offer safety and support for children and adolescents with intellectual disability to protect them from neglect, abuse, and homelessness as well as ensure that they thrive in a nurturing environment.

We provide at-risk youth with a safe and stable home, staffed by compassionate professionals well-versed in trauma-informed care. Our team works tirelessly to create an atmosphere where every child and adolescent feels not just safe, but also valued and supported.

We offer more than just a roof over the heads of children and adolescents with intellectual disability. We provide a place where they can rebuild their lives, find comfort, and regain their sense of security.

In our welcoming and nurturing homes, attentive support staff offer these young individuals the attention, consideration, and protection they urgently need. Our goal is to bring smiles back to their faces, even amidst challenging times, by showering them with unconditional kindness, affection, and love.

Out of Home Care

We provide NDIS-supported out of home care in Melbourne for children and adolescents with intellectual disability who cannot reside with their families. Our commitment is to provide the most ideal temporary, medium, or long-term living and care arrangements for youth with intellectual disability who have experienced abuse, neglect, or disadvantage.

In our residential homes, children and adolescents with intellectual disability experience exceptional care and support tailored to their behavioural, emotional, medical, educational, nutritional, mental, and physical needs. Whether they enter our care voluntarily or through a court-mandated order, our passionate and dedicated professional carers, well-versed in trauma-informed care, are quick to identify their needs and provide all their essential requirements.

Our Advocacy for Intellectual Disability

Here at Ability Assist, our advocacy is to stand up for the rights and freedoms of adults, adolescents, and children with intellectual disability to live the life they choose, free from discrimination, fear, and abuse. Our dedicated team is genuinely passionate about helping these individuals achieve their goals and live the best lives possible. Whether these individuals are looking to maximise their independence, enhance their skills, or improve their overall quality of life, we are here for them every step of the way with full support from NDIS for intellectual disability in Melbourne.

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