Independent Living Services

Experience our Independent Living Services in Melbourne, tailored to nurture your unique needs and aspirations.

Discover the perfect long-term residential living space where you can truly call home, embracing your individuality and granting you the freedom to live life on your own terms.

Allow Ability Assist to provide you with a residence in NDIS-supported living accommodation, where you can co-exist with others in a shared arrangement while receiving guidance to master essential life skills. Experience the perfect home environment that not only nurtures your hobbies and interests but also offers avenues for expanding your knowledge and skills, fostering community participation, and encouraging social interaction.

Conveniently located in the outer western and northern suburbs of Melbourne, our modern, comfortable, and fully furnished three-to-four-bedroom homes are designed to cater to all your daily needs. Our residential houses boast spacious living areas, well-equipped kitchens, multiple disability-friendly bathrooms, and a charming outdoor space. Furthermore, these homes are fully wheelchair and mobility accessible, ensuring your utmost comfort and convenience.

Embrace a life of independence with our NDIS independent living options, offering dedicated support staff available 24/7 (if needed) to assist you with essential daily tasks.

From planning and cooking meals, personal care such as showering and dressing, to cleaning, managing medications, attending appointments, outdoor activities, and participation in events – we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we provide transportation for you and your co-resident, along with a regular program of excursions and outings.

With Ability Assist, you hold the reins to your daily schedule. Design your day or night around activities you love. Whether you’re passionate about specific hobbies, activities, or events, or if you wish to acquire new skills and knowledge, our team can arrange in-home opportunities or connect you with like-minded individuals and community groups.

Our independent living services in Melbourne are tailored to enhance your existing skills and nurture new ones, empowering you to live with greater self-sufficiency. In our shared living spaces, you have your private bedroom while sharing communal facilities with o-residents. Your input matters; you can actively participate in household decisions and welcome family and friends for visits.

Above all, our goal is to provide an environment filled with joy, comfort, and, most importantly, safety.

Accessing Our Independent Living Services in Melbourne

Our independent living services in Melbourne cater to individuals aged 18 and above, regardless of gender, who are open to shared living arrangements with fellow co-residents. Here, you’ll enjoy the presence of passionate and compassionate support staff available round the clock, ensuring you receive the care and assistance you need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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